SAIF at Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam

The SAIF will serve the entire research communities in India for the pursuit of high quality research in all the thrust areas. All the Universities and affiliated colleges in the state of Kerala will be the biggest beneficiaries of this facility. This will pave way for improving the quality of research in our state universities. Specific objectives are,

  • To provide access to sophisticated scientific equipments for researchers from any University.
  • To provide intellectual input for research activities in both universities and affiliating centres on interdisciplinary areas of scientific research. This will be done by organizing a pool of experts from various scientific disciplines and making them available for research discussions on request.
  • To act as a common platform for organizing short-term courses and workshops on sophisticated instrumentation.
  • To provide specialized training for scientific and technical personal for up-keeping, maintenance and essential servicing of instruments in undergraduate and post graduate laboratories.

Other foresight objectives of SAIF-MGU are

  • strategic development, benchmarking and quality assurance in research and analysis
  • promotion of junior researchers
  • exploitation of research results and promotion of staff start-ups
  • dynamic development of the research system
  • performance-enhancing and dynamic networking within the research system
  • development and implementation of new strategies in international collaboration
  • establishment of sustainable partnerships between research and business